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HUMIC ELITE PG® - Humic Acid

HUMIC ELITE PG® - Humic Acid

Organic Humic Fulvic Acid Blend

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Scale up your green dreams with Humic Elite PG®

Whether you’re tired of dull lawns and lackluster gardens, or your crops are crying out for a boost—you need a soil conditioner that’s effective.

Crafted with care from 100% pure Humalite sourced in Alberta, Canada, our OMRI Certified Organic formula is the perfect choice for those who demand the best for their gardens, lawns, or crops. 

With Humic Elite PG®, you can expect nothing but the highest quality results.

✅ Designed to fight environmental stress and boost plant resiliency, ensuring that your crops can handle whatever Mother Nature throws their way. 

✅ Like super-charged multivitamins for your soil, helping to increase the availability of nutrients that your plants need to thrive. 

✅ With rapid foliar absorption, immediate effects are guaranteed

✅ Our solution loosens compacted soil and creates healthier root zones with increased oxygen flow in the root zone

✅ Regulates pH levels and eliminates nutrient lockout.

✅ Creates microbial activity, giving your plants the healthy foundation they need to thrive

Application Rates

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Customer Reviews

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Jose Borges (Burlington, CA)
Application: Lawn / Turf / Grass
Used with Fertilizer: No
The Secret Sauce

My turf was struggling before the first application of Humic Elite PG. Within a few days I noticed the lawn start to thicken up and turn a dark green. We had a ton of rain and humidity in my area resulting in the dreaded fungus. I have applied my second dosage yesterday and my neighbours are asking how I was able to save my turf. I told them I happened to see an add on Facebook for the Secret Sauce and I wanna put this s$#% on everything. Huge thank you to the entire team at Foliartech!

Jerry Menihardt (Gatineau, CA)
Application: Lawn / Turf / Grass
Used with Fertilizer: Yes
It works

Came across this product doing research in the spring. My grass needed a pick me up stat. Spoke to the owner Anthony who answered all my questions on multiple occasions. His knowledge and know how made me try the products. What can I say...using both the pkn and hunic has got the grass to grow super fast, thick and green. My grass never looked this good. I used to cut the grass every second or third week, now I cut it once a week and I really should be cutting it twice a week. Amazing products. Remember , you need to apply every second week for the results to be consistent. Don't be lazy with it. I mix 500ml of each product with 10l of water.

Wayne Hiebert (Warren, CA)
Application: Lawn / Turf / Grass
Used with Fertilizer: Yes
Great product

Put down the end of April made a big difference on its own with a small amount of granular fertilizer,excellent place to deal with Anthony spent a lot of time answering and explaining things was not in a rush to get you off the phone,products are great


Great product

  • omri-organic-logo

    Organic & Powerful

    Humic Elite PG™ is Made in Canada and is 100% OMRI-certified organic. Works perfectly on its own or is enhanced when mixed with fertilizer, it is a natural and environmentally friendly solution that delivers exceptional results, guaranteed.

  • Versatile-Solution

    Growth Catalyst

    HUMIC ELITE PG™ is a revolutionary soil amendment that excels in any environment, on any application; including grasses, vegetables, flowers, plants, crops, hydroponics, or anything else that grows.

  • Will-Not-Clog-Sprayers

    Will Not Clog Sprayers

    Not only can it be mixed with water or any nutrient or fertilizer available on the market, but it also mixes easily and instantly without clogging up screens, filters, or sprayers, guaranteed.

  • Try It Risk-Free

    Easy to use, it cannot be over-applied, and will never cause harm to your lawn or plants. Backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee.


Add some serious power to your soil

With nothing but organic goodness—no added chemicals—you're not only feeding your lawn and plants but the soil too.

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A Women

Love your soil and watch it love your plants right back

By improving soil health with Humic Elite PG, you can create a virtuous cycle that leads to a thriving lawn, garden or farm.

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Big Garden

Size doesn’t matter - but soil health does

No garden too small, no farm is too large—Humic Elite PG is designed to meet the needs of any gardening or landscaping operation, from the tiniest potted plant to the largest commercial golf course.

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What are the Benefits of Humic Acid?

  • Save money on Fertilizer by maximizing it's performance, while reducing run-off, waste and the need for frequent fertilization
  • Save time and water by improving water uptake into the root zone, leading to reduced watering intervals
  • Improved plant growth by enhancing nutrient uptake directly to the root zone
  • Deep Green Results by increasing chlorophyll production, directly affecting the amount of glucose it can produce during photosynthesis
  • Loosens compacted soil resulting in liquid aeration, which promotes healthy microbial activity and increases oxygen to the root zone
  • Fewer pests and weeds by improving the overall strength of your lawn and garden
  • Fight off disease and environmental stress such as heat, drought and poor conditions
  • Restore proper PH and prevent nutrient lockout by improving the overall health of your lawn and garden, from maximizing nutrient uptake through the root zone
  • Environmentally-Friendly and Sustainable from reducing soil erosion, fertilizer runoff and waste
  • Increased nutrient absorption with Fulvic Acid as it's a smaller molecule than Humic acid alone

Is Humic Acid Child and Pet Safe?

Yes absolutely, it is. While we do not recommend anyone to consume it, it is 100% organic and non-toxic to use. Let the kiddos play!

Will Humic Elite PG Clog my Sprayer?

Will it Clog my Drip-Irrigation, Backpack or Hose End Sprayer?

Absolutely not! Humic Elite PG ™ is 100% water soluble, and mixes fully and instantly with any water, liquid fertilizer or nutrient mix.

Why Liquid Humic Acid over Granular?

  • Cannot be Over Applied - Will Never Burn, or Cause Harm 
  • Quicker Absorption for an Immediate Impact within hours, not days or weeks
  • Easier Application & Save Time - can be mixed with fertilizers and water and applied at the same time
  • Less Physically Demanding: For one acre of coverage, a single 4L jug of Humic Elite PG weighing only 10 pounds can replace the need for 330 pounds of granular, which is equivalent to 11 bags of 30-pound each.
  • Save up to 4 hours per acre by applying liquid humic acid simultaneously with fertilizer and water, which is not possible with granular humic acid

Why Humalite over Leonardite?

Humalite-based humic acid, which is considered to be the highest quality humic acid source available, is exclusive to the province of Alberta in Canada.

  • Higher Fulvic Acid content
  • Lower in Heavy Metals
  • Lower in Contaminants
  • Lower in Ash Content
  • Better for the Environment
  • Will Not Clog Sprayers
  • Does not leave a Residue

What is the Shelf Life / Expiry of Humic Elite PG?

Humic Elite PG has a shelf life of up to 4 years when stored in a cool, dark space.

Will Humic Elite PG Work on my Specific Lawn Type?

Absolutely Yes 100%.
It works on any strain of lawn, grass or turf, including but not limited to:

  • Saint Augustine
  • Zoysia
  • Bent grass
  • Bermuda
  • Turf type Fescue
  • Kentucky Blue Grass
  • Perennial Ryegrass
  • Wheat grass
  • All other forms of turf and Lawn.
  • Perfect for Golf Courses, Greens, Fairways and high traffic areas.