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NPK ELITE PG® - Liquid Fertilizer

NPK ELITE PG® - Liquid Fertilizer

Professional Grade Lawn & Turf Fertilizer

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NPK Elite PG ® is designed to maximize greening effect in your turf, bridging the color gap between granular applications.


NPK Elite PG ® packs a powerful punch with phosphorus, sulphur, and iron to ensure that your turf stays vibrant and healthy for up to three weeks. It also makes it easier for you to understand the application rates with its simple instructions – there’s no guesswork involved so you can rest assured knowing that you’re set for success!

Whether your lawn consists of:

✅ Bent grass types
✅ Perennial ryegrass
✅ Turf type fescues
✅ Kentucky blue grasses
✅ Bermuda
✅ Zoysia
✅ St. Augustine
✅ Centipede 

✅ or any other variety

NPK Elite PG® is designed to meet every turf's unique needs. And because it works on all types of landscapes – from golf courses to ball diamonds to your own lawn at home – soil health and visual appeal are only an application away!

Experience the outstanding performance of NPK Elite PG® and witness the visible color response and balanced soil health that are often overlooked. Say goodbye to ordinary fertilizers and hello to extraordinary results! 

Our NPK fertilizer has been specifically formulated to enhance the greening effect on your turf, ensuring that your lawn remains vibrant and lush. It is carefully designed to bridge the color gap between granular applications, resulting in a consistent and even distribution of nutrients throughout your lawn.

Let NPK Elite PG® Fertilizer give you the results you expect and deserve. Transform your landscape today!

Share your stunning before and after pictures with us by tagging @foliartech and using #npkelitepg.

Application Rates

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Wayne Hiebert (Warren, CA)
Application: Lawn / Turf / Grass
Used with Fertilizer: No
NPK elite

Applied humic acid in late April using a granular fertilizer picture 1until I bought the NPK elite applied on June 27th got 3/4 inch of rain that night second picture June 30th still a work in progress but coming along nicely won’t be switching to anything else

Sébastien Roy (Montreal, CA)
Application: Lawn / Turf / Grass
Used with Fertilizer: No
Best product !!!

I love this product !!!

Application: Lawn / Turf / Grass, Garden / Vegetables, Trees / Shrubs
Used with Fertilizer: Yes
Made a big difference

So, I live in Calgary and have had constant problems every spring with my lawns. I decided to search the web to see if I could find a liquid Fertilizer that I could apply without having to worry about the constant threat of burning my grass.
Everything you buy nowadays is very high in Nitrogen which does help to green up your lawn but these manufacturers seem to forget to add or give you very little Potassium or Phosphorus hence NPK !
After having a phone conversation with Anthony I realized that these two ingredients were so important that I decided to try his Humic Acid [ which was great for loosening up my soil and also great for my shrubs]
I did have to repair a few dead spots with new seed but after a month or so the results were pretty dramatic

Calgary as you may know had a major waterline crack on June 5 and we have not been allowed to water at all !

I have had to rely on mother nature to help so my timing was not great for these applications.

Anyway I am very happy that I bought these two products and the big box stores will never see me again for my lawn maintenance

I use a Miracle Grow hose end sprayer and I set it to four
You have to experiment a little with the settings but once you find what your lawn needs it gets pretty straight forward.

So far I have had no problems with burning my grass because the fertilizer is more balanced with the other two and being a liquid I believe it soaks in better than a granular which even watering and using sparingly still would give me some burning.

Anthony helped me a lot with advice and the fact that this is Alberta made was a huge plus

If you love your yard then spend a little extra and get these products
It will work out cheaper in the long run and give you a lot less headaches
By the way I did not know Anthony prior to buying these products
I actually wish he was my neighbor !!! Lol !

Paul Jansen (Spruce Grove, CA)
Application: Lawn / Turf / Grass
Used with Fertilizer: Yes
Humic Elite

Fantastic product ! Best lawn ever had , even after significant German shephard damage

Nick Maraschiello (Elmvale, CA)
Application: Lawn / Turf / Grass
Used with Fertilizer: Yes
First go with Humic Elite and NPK Elite

I did my first application of Humic 10 days ago, followed up 5 days later with NPK, had lots of rain a couple hours lafter spraying NPK that lasted 2 days, but it seems to be working!

Big Garden

Size doesn’t matter - but soil health does

No garden too small, no farm is too large—Humic Elite PG is designed to meet the needs of any gardening or landscaping operation, from the tiniest potted plant to the largest commercial golf course.

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