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Professional Grade Lawn & Turf Fertilizer

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NPK Elite PG ® is designed to maximize greening effect in your turf, bridging the color gap between granular applications.


NPK Elite PG ® packs a powerful punch with phosphorus, sulphur, and iron to ensure that your turf stays vibrant and healthy for up to three weeks. It also makes it easier for you to understand the application rates with its simple instructions – there’s no guesswork involved so you can rest assured knowing that you’re set for success!

Whether your lawn consists of:

✅ Bent grass types
✅ Perennial ryegrass
✅ Turf type fescues
✅ Kentucky blue grasses
✅ Bermuda
✅ Zoysia
✅ St. Augustine
✅ Centipede 

✅ or any other variety

NPK Elite PG PHOSPHORUS FREE® is designed for lawns and soils that do not need extra phosphorus. And because it works on all types of landscapes – from golf courses to ball diamonds to your own lawn at home – quick visual appeal is noticeable and soil health is balanced!

Experience the outstanding performance of  NPK Elite PG PHOSPHORUS FREE® and still get that quick, deep green color response and balanced soil health, that are often overlooked. Say goodbye to ordinary fertilizers and hello to extraordinary results! 

Our NPK fertilizer has been specifically formulated to enhance the greening effect on your turf, ensuring that your lawn remains vibrant and lush. It is carefully designed to bridge the color gap between granular applications, resulting in a consistent and even distribution of nutrients throughout your lawn.

Let NPK Elite PG PHOSPHORUS FREE® Fertilizer give you the results you expect and deserve. Transform the visual appeal of your landscape today!

What is the main benefit of using your NPK fertilizer on my lawn?

Our NPK fertilizer enhances the greening effect on your turf, ensuring a vibrant and lush lawn.

Share your stunning before and after pictures with us by tagging @foliartech and using #npkelitepg

Application Rates

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Big Garden

Size doesn’t matter - but soil health does

No garden too small, no farm is too large—Humic Elite PG is designed to meet the needs of any gardening or landscaping operation, from the tiniest potted plant to the largest commercial golf course.

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